More businesses should follow Byblos Grill

Running a business requires considerable work. When the ‘recycle and earn,’ started Joe & Julian Hassarati saw how much waste they where throwing out which was going to land fill.

They gave a shout out to the local community to see if any young people would come and pickup the cans and bottles. The Williams family from Normanhurst jumped at the opportunity and all their children now have a safe way to earn money. Each week they collect 2 bags of recycling from Byblos Grill.

It was a win win for all said Joe. All our staff are trained to use a separate bag which they place downstairs and the Williams collect them. More businesses should be encouraged to do a similar process to reduce landfill. Most businesses don’t have the time to collect them for themselves and take them to a centre. It’s a great way for young people to earn money.

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