Cherrybrook priority precinct confirmed by council

At the Council meeting on Wednesday 14th November, there was heated debate between residents and councillors, and councillors with other councillors, on the proposed Cherrybrook Priority Precinct.

Within the Priority Precinct there are two areas in the debate, the 3.5 hectare site owned by the Government directly where the Cherrybrook Station is being built, plus an outer ring totalling 187 hectares which has been designated (by the State Government) to allow medium and high density developments.

A resident survey undertaken by the State Government in 2013 showed the majority of residents objected to the change due to the perceived loss of amenity, impact on roads, schools and facilities. More recent community discussions/forums show a similar result that the majority of residents don’t want the wider area (187 hectares) to be changed to medium/high density.

The motion proposed at the Council meeting was for Council to ‘Remove Cherrybrook as a Priority Planned Precinct’. The motion was tabled by Councillor Del Gallego. An amended motion was proposed by Councillor Tilbury and Browne. The amended motion leaves the priority precinct intact, but proposes Council writes to the Minister for Planning to express concerns of the length of time taken to progress the proposed precinct and address other issues such as lack of infrastructure, schools, local facilities if the rezoning proceeds. So this leaves residents in limbo as State Government have been very slow in determining what is proposed. Those who voted for the original motion were Del Gallego, Hyde and Nicita, those against were Browne, Hutchence, Marr, McIntosh, Ruddock and Tilbury.

The full motion can be viewed on our website/ facebook plage. You can listen to the full discussion via webcast on Councils website.


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