Locals win $1M in Google impact challenge

Well done to local Asquith business owner Mike Tozer from Xceptional and St Ives duo Joshua Ross and Adam McCurdie from Humanitix on winning $1million dollars each in grant funding to further develop their businesses from the Google Impact Challenge Australia 2018.

Humanitix is the first not-for-profit ticketing platform in the world to redirect its share of the billions of dollars in event booking fees to solve social challenges including poverty, disadvantage and education gaps. Founders, Adam McCurdie and Joshua Ross founded Humanitix in 2015 to transform the events ticketing industry into a force for good and make events accessible to everyone, particularly those with disabilities who are often marginalised from community participation.

Humanitix is an ethical alternative for event organisers, whereby at no extra cost, their events can change the world.

Xceptional – An anxiety-reducing app addressing the massive challenge of autism unemployment. The Xceptional app uses activity-based assessments and games to reduce the anxiety that often comes with autism and prevents 65% of people with autism from gaining or retaining employment. 125 million people worldwide experience autism yet this group is often underemployed. Many people with autism have an incredible eye for detecting patterns in data and an ability to sustain superior levels of concentration, making them uniquely qualified to make exceptional contributions to tech and data teams. By mitigating anxiety and testing for functional skills, the Xceptional app will empower autistic employees to flourish, help employers embrace the benefits of neurodiversity, and make a massive dent in autism unemployment.

If you are organising event, or looking to hire staff, please consider using these amazing local businesses. Visit www. humanitix.com and www.xceptional.io

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