Council confiscates abandoned shopping trolleys

Hornsby Shire Council has taken decisive action to solve the problem of abandoned shopping trolleys, collecting more than 450 trolleys from the streets of Hornsby.

It is disappointing to note that Council have spent more than two years negotiating with the supermarkets and other corporations who have allowed these trolleys to litter the streets, but unfortunately the talks have not resulted in any change.

The trolleys are being stored at Council’s depot. Retailers will be able to collect their trolleys once a fine has been paid.

Given the number of shoppers visiting the stores coming up to Christmas, retailers will soon run out of trolleys. Hopefully this will force them into action to prevent the movement of trolleys outside of the retail centres.


  1. It is extraordinary how the Hornsby Council persecutes retailers for abandoned shopping trolleys. The right thing to do is to fine the people who fail to return the trolleys to the store in the first instance. The Council’s approach is nothing more than legalised extortion. There is a clear lack of quality among local politicians.

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