The world through the eyes of a drone

Aeromodellers NSW hosted Drones & 3D Printing Night with 2nd Turramurra Scouts. They flew micro drones – a safe, hand sized unit with camera that sees what a bird sees. First Person View goggles enabled some to become the pilot.

3D Printers made the scouts strong yet light woggles. The fibre used is solid cornstarch that is biodegradable over time.

Councillor, Joe Nicita, from Hornsby Shire Council joined in.

“This is fantastic how readily the scouts took to this new experience. It’s visible that the interaction with the drones is exciting and they are learning coordination skills through the controls. I can understand why schools are integrating this into their STEM (Science, Technology. Engineering and Maths)”, Councillor Joe said after having a go at the First Person View goggles.

“The night was very effective in engaging our scouts and showing them how drone technology works. The flight simulators introduced them to the idea that a small movement of the controls represents a large movement of the aircraft. I can also see how the goggles would be such an immersion experience to the operation of flight”, said Geoff Vaughan, Group Leader, 2nd Turramurra scouts.

Tim Nolan, President of the Aeromodellers Association, NSW said “Introducing kids to drone flight in a safe environment that enables them to consider this as fun but also potentially as a career. This is why we run these programs in schools. Sparking their curiosity is important.”

James Martin, Head of Aeromodellers School Training Programs ran the night with Caroline Rigau.

“The kids get engaged. This program starts to give them a feel for how much fun it is through Hands on learning. They are the future pilots, engineers and cinematographers,” says James Martin.

For more contact Aranka Nolan Public Relations Officer, Aeromodellers NSW 0419540104

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