The process of building a Granny flat (& everything you need to know)

If you’re planning on building a granny flat, you’ll need to prep up.

Whether you’re living smart or smartly investing, here’s everything you need to know before, during, and after the build. Doing the extra work and careful planning can go a long way to a smooth project, so keep this guide handy the whole way through.

The most important thing to remember is to be patient. It’s common to have an arsenal of questions when excitement for your new granny flat ignites, so make sure you’ve got a reliable builder (don’t go too far).

1. Planning & Deposit
Your first step is to find the right design. That’s going to depend on what exactly you want to accomplish, as well as suitability for your block and budget. Unless you’re an expert, it’s a good idea to talk to your builder about this.

2. Site Clear & Preparation
This is when the fun starts (for us). We prepare the site for building by clearing any debris or obstacles in your backyard (say goodbye to that old clothesline and garden gnome set, unless you intend to keep them). We’ll also need to make sure there’s space to fit any required material or tools so they don’t disrupt your primary residence.

3. Piers & Slab Foundation
When the areas clear, our surveyors mark the terrestrial boundaries and touch-points of where your granny flat will be built. At this stage we’ll also carry out any required excavation.

4. Frame Erection
Next, we erect the key structure of your granny flat. We use industrystandard timber frames (or you can upgrade to steel if you’re feeling lavish) to set out the internal and external bearings. In laymen terms, this is the skeleton of your granny flat.

5. Lock-Up
As the name suggests, the lock-up phase involves enclosing the granny flat from top to bottom. The vertical roof and guttering is installed using our peerless blend of colours and styles. Then we lay the external brickwork to fully seal the building.

6. Linings & Utilities
As the structure is now fully enclosed, we can start working on the interior of your granny flat. We’ll start installing main utilities such as plumbing and electrical systems. We also reinforce the internal walling with insulation and plasterboard mounting.

7. Kitchen Structure
No granny flat is complete without an esteemed cookery (or in simple terms, that place you where make the nachos and dip). This step is dedicated to installing your kitchen cabinets and other storage units, as well as fitting in key appliances like your cook-top. It’s usually easier to start with your kitchen before any other interior work.

8.  Flooring & Fix-Out
To match the outdoor seduction of your granny flat, we fit-out and stylize the rest of the interior. This is when your granny flat shows signs of a true home, with the final tiling, flooring, shower screens, paint-work, and other accessories also fitted.

9. Practical Completion & Handover
Now you’ve got a fully built, deckedout granny flat. But it’s still not official. We do one final inspection, checking that everything’s up to our picky standards of safety and workmanship. We’ll also test all appliances and electrical functions to make sure they’re in safe, working order.

RESCON Builders is an established Australian company specialising in granny flats. With our experience and building granny flats all over Sydney, the Central Coast and Illawarra.

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