An opportunity to meet our Candidates for the State election

Epping Uniting Church has provided an opportunity to meet all of the candidates for the state seat of Epping in the upcoming State election in the Epping Uniting Church on Monday 11th March from 7.00 p.m.

While there will be similar functions in the area, the organisers of the Epping Uniting Church event hope to make it a chance to understand what makes our candidates “tick”. Rev Greg Woolnough, Minister of the Epping Uniting Church said, “there’ll be plenty of opportunities to hear about policies, but we want to develop an understanding of what motivates our candidates – what excites them about being our State Representatives; what are their dreams and aspirations.”

On the night Candidates will be given up to 10 minutes to say a little about themselves and what excites them, then it will be over to a “Q & A” session. This is the first such event held at the Epping Uniting Church as part of its developing program to be of greater service to the Epping Community. Epping Uniting Church is on the corner of Chester and Oxford Streets, Epping. The evening will conclude with supper.

For further information, please contact Rev Greg Woolnough 0407 291 958

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