What a busy month March has been! Besides many routine matters like council correspondence and meetings, there has been major community events including Clean Up Australia, Meet the Candidates for the State Election and our Annual General Meeting. Unlike many other community organisations the Trust only elects the committee at the AGM and it is the committee’s role to appoint the office bearers afterwards. At the time of writing this article I have not been formally appointed President for 2019, but as I am prepared to stand, for a third time, the probability is that I will be appointed President again. However the Trust’s constitution stipulates that a person can be President for only three years. So there will be light at the end of the tunnel!

With the State and Federal elections in the news, it is worth commenting that the Trust is apolitical, in that our constitution prohibits the committee to take a political position. This is a very wise position to have as it allows the Trust to deal impartially with whoever is in Government, whether local, state or federal. It also respects the various views of our community that in turn fosters unity and respect.

Following on from the Trust’s relationship with the various levels of government, local councils in particular are finding social media like the Trust’s website and Enews very useful to help disseminate information, such as upcoming displays or events. The Trust has over 1200 email addresses and growing, which as a medium for sharing information quickly, can be a valuable tool to have. At the same time the information being conveyed must be succinct and accurate in order to retain the readership. A good example was the community support the Trust received for Clean Up Australia Day. With assistance by Beecroft Rotary and the Beecroft Guides many public areas around Beecroft and Cheltenham were cleaned up in two hours.

If you wish to contact me or the Trust , go to our website We also issue an Enews that anyone can subscribe to and there is also an active Facebook page at

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