The Search for Edward Lewis

The book tells the story of Glenn’s great great grandfather, a London pickpocket who was transported to Hobart Town at the age of thirteen. It follows him through his marriage to Sarah Crosby, an Irish girl arrested in London in 1849 for attacking a policeman, his dramatic career as a policeman in New South Wales and then as a legal clerk, up until the 1870s, when he seemed to disappear.

The task of the book was to undertake the research to find him. Glenn invented the Archer & Martin Family History Detective Agency to carry out the task. William and Rachel dig for the clues in the historical records and make the deductions and connections to track Edward down.

Their task is not made any easier by the mystery of a man calling himself Edward Lewis who turns up at the agency and tells them to stop looking for him. Despite the threats and the obstruction, William and Rachel reckon that they found Edward, but there are mysteries there as well, along with ten or more other men called Edward Lewis.

A book launch will be held at Hornsby Library on Saturday 6th April, 2:45 pm. You are welcome to attend.

Details: Free event, afternoon tea served, books on sale, cash only. Please RSVP – reply to this email. The event is also posted on Facebook.

You can read more about the book at Glenn the Pen’s blog.

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