Protect yourself against the Flu Virus

Government funded influenza vaccinations available now

As we get nearer to the colder months it’s a common believe that there is a higher risk of catching the flu around the winter season. However like any virus it can happen anytime in the year.

Symptoms between the flu and a cold vary. Colds tend to affect the throat, nose and upper airways. These symptoms include coughing, blocked nasal area, sneezing and sore throat and possibly a fever.

With the flu it’s a viral infection that impacts around the nose, throat and lungs. Your body and muscles tends to ache and feel tired as well as the cold symptoms.

The influenza vaccine is available and is highly recommended for seniors and children as they are more at risk of getting it.

It has been offered free to people over 65 as government initiative for some time but it is changing as people realise the benefits and are happy to spend around ten dollars for the vaccination.

The benefits are obvious as it minimises your chance of catching the virus in at least 50% of cases.

It also minimises the chance of getting the so called worse kind of flu thereby reducing the time of suffering by at least 25%.

It also minimises the chance of hospitalisation by 50% which is a tremendous saving to governments who run the hospitals and health system.

More and more people are getting the free vaccine as governments realise the benefits in general even for people under 65 years such as those with

• asthma
• heart disease
• diabetes
• pregnant ladies
• children five or under
• aboriginal of younger age

Lots of businesses are also offering free vaccines to their employees due to commitment to good health and cutting down number of sick leaves.

Generally flu vaccine composition is not the same every year because the vaccine composition of vaccine Depends on the type of flu suffered by people in winter.

As a commitment we are offering free vaccines to all regular patients.

The 2019 flu vaccine contains antigens from Phuket Switzerland, Colorado, and Michigan.

It not recommended to have any vaccine – including flu vaccine – if you are unwell.

If you have any questions feel free to call your regular GPs or our medical centre at Normanhurst on 9489 3560.

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