Community broadcaster launches podcast

In a small room in a building on the Pacific Highway, radio producer is exploring local music.

Six year Triple H FM volunteer Jason Milner has interviewed over 100 artists during his radio career, and now he is pushing his musical passion into a new podcast – HomeGrown – about local musicians.

“I produce it each week, it is a special passion project of mine,’’ Milner said.

Running at 10–15 minutes long, the episodes are in-depth interviews structured to cater to time-poor listeners thirsty for discussion around multiple aspects of music.

“I know people’s time is precious, so I talk to the artists about what their music is about and their own personal stories, then edit it down so its concise.’’

Three episodes have already been released and they’re being aired every Thursday.

Milner’s motivation was sparked when school students approached him during his work hours in his teaching position.

“They asked me about how to get into the music realm, so I took them to the radio station and asked them to crowd into this small room,’’ Milner said.

“They were nervous but electric, and their parents were all crowding outside door the peeking in through the small window, and I did that because I wanted to push them outside their comfort zone and to be better in an audience situation.’’

Milner’s podcast is garnering a following. According to him, the podcast has reached 17,000 people, and 6000 have interacted with it on social media.

While he is grateful for the interviewees’ courage to expose their work to a large audience, he said it is an “honour.’’

Milner also said an important responsibility is to make the radio station a relaxed environment during each interview.

“I like them to feel comfortable so they open up about their songs, and just talk as if it’s a conversation without microphones,’’ he said.

To access HomeGrown, visit or the instagram handle @homegrownhh.

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