Friends of Mount Colah

Sharon Murphy
Sharon Murphy

Are the impacts of changes in the Mount Colah region positive or negative? Over recent years an increase in the number of unit blocks being built along the Pacific Highway has unfortunately reduced an abundance of trees in Asquith and Mount Colah. Longstanding locals decided to move out of the area for a variety of reasons and new families are moving into this area now partly because of the new housing available.

As one of the relatively newer residents of Mount Colah, I was impressed by how welcoming nature of residents in this area. Once we moved in, we were invited to BBQs. Neighbours visited and introduced themselves and we were told all about the area, amenities, and most importantly the annual street Christmas party. People I have met who recently moved to Mount Colah, they share the same sentiment about the friendliness of people.

However with recent changes a feeling of uncertainty has stirred in our community. Its vital – more than ever – to make sure you feel a sense of community. Know your neighbours. Engage with them.

I encourage you to knock on your neighbour’s door and introduce yourself. Invite them around for morning tea or an impromptu BBQ. Introduce them to your dogs, cats, bunnies, chickens… Arrange to meet up for dinner at Mount Colah Pizzeria during the week. Invite them to play in your soccer/ rugby/netball team. Invite them to the local trivia night at the golf club. Create a book club or any other interest group. Join Friends of Mount Colah and meet a great group of people.

The FOMC Mission statement: ‘Bringing the Mount Colah community together’. Do you have any ideas for community events that Friends of Mount Colah can organise? We’d love to hear your suggestions.

Let’s create new traditions and make Mount Colah a more caring and inclusive community in 2019 and make Mount Colah the best suburb to live in.

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