Journalist’s comment on travel

Travel – like moving homes – flips your attitude towards a particular place.

My family and I went on a cruise earlier this year to the Great Barrier Reef, a tense gathering during instances.

Financial worries and discomfort with the knowledge of being far out to sea – a tentative step towards the unknown for some of us; one of whom disliked crowds and loud conversation. Part of the problem was his inexperience, I was told.

I saw it as rather him being in a setting where the factors were out of his control.

Travel is about giving away luxuries and seeing the world for what it is.

If you go on a cruise thinking it’s as relaxed as the brochures then you’re expectations are too high.

Travel – while relaxation is part of it – is the intention to discover.

Confusing this with exploring an environment you’re already famililar with, may leave you frustrated.

For now, I will likely never earn enough to pay off my student loans so my travels will heavily involve walking, and that’s fine.

How else can I see the world most available to me if I’m worrying about getting the money to enjoy it?

Ash James is a 20-year-old writer with a Bachelor’s Degree of Journalism from Macleay College. He dislikes the word “that.’’

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