Pennant Hills to Epping bike path

We asked our community to give us their views about a bike path between Pennant Hills and Epping. “Basically it makes sense to plan any bike path parallel to the railway line because the homework has already been done when building the railway line to avoid excessive hills,’’ one member of our trust said.

The responses were:
• The path should be for bicycling, walking, jogging, and people of all abilities

• It will need several access points

• All the alternatives (other than the rail corridor itself ) are essentially unusable

• If the rail corridor is ruled out a suggested alternative involves widening the existing footpath immediately.

• To access the rail corridor at Hampden Road this route would need some effort in the crossing at Pennant Hills Rd.

• Wongala crescent to Beecroft was a solution but it’s not usable due to the extremely steep grades

• There is not strong support for building a path on the assumption riders will eventually use electric bikes to compensate for hilly sections.

The easy ride option is hard to build, while the easy to build option is a very hard ride.

Now it’s Council’s turn to take these views on board.

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