Nature Notes

The migratory male Koel

Our feature writer, Nick Hodges, will tell us some wonderful stories about the wildlife in this area.


Australian silver gull and black headed gull Photo: Judith Ramage


NICK HODGES I know a man who spends a lot of time at his local sewage works. No, he doesn't work there: he's an ornithologist...

India – a soul-stirring experience

Nick Hodges There wasn't much wildlife in Delhi - unless you count the cows dicing with death in the traffic-choked streets.  Or the domestic pigs...
Photo credits: Judith Ramage. Cradle Mountain in summer

Cradle Mountain magic

NICK HODGES Cradle Mountain National Park, in Tasmania, is a favourite place of mine which I visit on a regular basis, and always in winter....

Nature Notes

NICK HODGES Like many Australians I have friends who live in this country and who are married to Britons, and British friends who are married...
Photo: Judith Ramage

Nature Notes

Something caught my eye through the window of the national park's tea shop.  There, only three metres away, in the fork of a tree...

Wild at the Zoo A feast for opportunists!

Most people visit Taronga Zoo to see the animals but when I went along recently I found myself absorbed, not in the caged creatures,...

Those wonderful, comical puffins

The islands off the west coast of Scotland have always intrigued me - windswept, rain-lashed, distant.  Moreover there were things I had to see...

Seabirds and seasickness

I hate boats.  All that salt-spray stickiness and constant motion. It's just a pity that I feel the need to head off into the...

The curious keepers of Fraser’s Hill

As I approached Fraser's Hill, a former hill station in the Malaysian Highlands, I was greeted by a sign which read: 'Welcome to Little...

Kangaroos in our midst

The man forging up the path through the snow gums of the ACT's Namadgi National Park gestured excitedly. "Kangaroos - over there!" I detected...