San launches ‘game changing’ male surgery

Professor Henry Woo delivers the new Rezum procedure
Professor Henry Woo delivers the new Rezum procedure
Jenny Barlass

Ground-breaking new surgery promising relief from enlarged prostates has been developed at the The Sydney Adventist Hospital in Wahroonga.

The new procedure puts paid to the sexual dysfunction that frequently accompanies conventional treatments like medication and surgery which can result in sexual dysfunction in up to 80% of cases.

Half of all men over 50 have enlarged prostates causing urinary painful and debilitating problems including sleep disturbance, frequent need for the bathroom, flow and other urinary problems.

San Urologist Professor Henry Woo, who learned the new technique recently in Sweden, is now delivering the Rezum procedure which involves delivering steam vapour directly to the prostate using thermal energy to eradicate enlarged prostate tissue.

“The water vapour literally cooks the prostate which then shrinks. As it does, the urethra is opened and men can pass urine more freely” said Professor Woo. It’s a day procedure in hospital and men are able to return to normal activities within days.

“To have a minimally invasive surgical treatment that preserves all aspects of sexual function is a game changing type of treatment.

 “The treatment has been commercially available in the US and Europe for almost two years and it’s really exciting to see that Australian men will now have the opportunity to access this state of the art technology.”

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