Outback adventures

Australia features many beautiful rainforest, mountain ranges and beaches. If you looking at doing a road trip with family or friends here is a quick checklist to ensure your vehicle has the right set up before you start exploring and head off road.

We get asked “Why would I upgrade the suspension on my brand new 4WD?” From the factory, most new 4WD vehicles are tuned for comfort during on road driving. Once weight is added, in the form of accessories and cargo, and road conditions deteriorate, performance and reliability of your 4WD suffers.

Quality, application specific, aftermarket suspension is designed to increase load carrying capability and improve both vehicle handling and comfort across all terrains, whilst providing increased ground clearance to better tackle more challenging terrain. Unlike some other accessories, you’ll notice the benefits of a new suspension system every time you drive your vehicle.

Bull Bars

Vital for rural and remote area travel, bull bars will provide substantially improved protection for vulnerable mechanical components against animal strikes whilst providing a solid base for mounting other accessories like driving lights, winches and CB antennas.


Whether for work, play or anything in between, canopies offer flexible storage space, weatherproofing and increased security for your cargo.

Roof Racks

A roof rack is a valuable and versatile accessory for many touring vehicles, and without one some trips would just not be possible.

It’s the obvious place for lightweight, bulky items that are difficult to fit in the cabin of the vehicle; and with additional accessories now available such as waterproof bags, you don’t have to worry about your gear being exposed to the elements while travelling

Safari Snorkels

Snorkels are for more than just deep water crossings where they ensure water does not make its way through your air box and into your engine while crossing rivers and unexpected flood ways. The fitment of a well designed and constructed snorkel, just as importantly, protects your engine from dust while travelling along dry dirt roads. The fitment of a snorkel repositions the air-intake to a much higher and cleaner location greatly reducing the amount of dust passing through to your air box and filter.

Safari invented the concept of the snorkel as a custom moulded, vehicle specific, engineered product for the 4×4 accessory industry, back in the eighties. Safari snorkels are engineered and manufactured in Australia from locally sourced materials. Safari snorkels are CAD designed around each vehicle unique design to absolute precision for seamless integration.

Nick Mannell is the owner of ARB Thornleigh, a 4WD Accessories outlet, 4WD service centre and can supply & fit the best brands available in Australia. He has over 29 Years’ Experience and knowledge in the 4WD industry. For any advice on a host of different accessories, from vehicle specific applications to a range of accessories to suit any vehicle, Nick and his experienced Team at ARB Thornleigh are always available. Located at 15 Sefton Rd, Thornleigh NSW 2120. Tel: 9980 8855

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