Save hundreds of dollars off your electricity bills all year round

Windows are a big source of unwanted heat gain and heat loss in your home. Choosing the right window coverings means you can improve the comfort of your home all year round, reduce your power bills and cut carbon pollution.

East and west facing windows receive a lot of sun all year round. The hot summer weather combined with large windows in your home can result in an increased level of heat travelling through its windows and doors, making it uncomfortably hot.

Stopping the heat from entering your home in the first place is much better than letting it in and cooling it down afterwards. When radiant energy from the sun touches an object inside, it gets hot, making the room hot. The simple action of lowering your window coverings first thing in the morning will prevent the heat of the day from entering, and help retain the coolest temperatures from overnight.

Externally, shading your windows or enclosing your patios and courtyards with Luxaflex Evo awnings can minimize heat in your home to create a comfortable cooler environment. This can and save upto 60% of your home cooling costs in Summer.

Internally, the Luxaflex Duette Architella range can help insulate your home 365 days of the year. The Luxaflex Duette Architella Shades can make a substantial difference to the comfort of your home by controlling the incoming heat by up to 83% in summer. Come winter, it will help retain the warmth inside your home and can save upto 43% of your heating costs too.

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