Need to pick up something from the shops but the thought of going to the shopping centre and trying to find a car park just makes you groan? Why not shop local?

The Friends of Mount Colah (FOMC) group believe in supporting local businesses such as the Mount Colah shops and surrounding suburbs. Some of the shops include Mt Colah Pharmacy and Post Office, Mount Colah Pizzeria and Grill, SLM Hair and Beauty, Jim & Harry’s Lotsa Food, Four Season’s Plant Bug and Comfort Discovered to name a few.

Why is it so important to shop local? Here are three good reasons. It keeps the Mount Colah community unique, you can get to know the shop owners and you’re also helping to support local community groups.

Keeping the Mount Colah community unique Mount Colah has a great community feel to it. Just go to the shops and you can feel there’s an atmosphere of friendliness and social inclusion. There’s a connection to our neighbours and also a sense of identity in our ever changing Hornsby Shire. Building relationships with the people in the local area can result in a stronger community.

Get to know your local shop owners As a customer it’s always nice to be greeted with a smile and to go where “everybody knows your name”. Shopping locally encourages more personalised service and in turn, better customer satisfaction. Often local businesses owners tend to employ local residents, so it supports the local economy and jobs in the area, with the added bonus of staff taking the trouble to get to know their customers.

Often local shopkeepers are a part of their customer’s lives and vice versa – this sense of getting to know your neighbours is priceless.

Helps support local community groups Many small businesses choose to donate time and money to local community group events. A great example of this was the FOMC /Mount Colah Pizzeria and Grill event in May, the Mount Colah Mother’s Day Fundraiser. All the prizes and donations were from local businesses in Mount Colah and surrounding suburbs. Their time and generous support helped make the event such a success and more importantly helped raise much funds for breast cancer research.

So next time you think about going off to the shops, head to your local shops and know that you’re supporting your community.

Susan Low is secretary of the FOMC and owner of the Mt Colah Pharmacy and Post Office. Email: or Facebook ‘Friends of Mount Colah’

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