Planning for a revitalised Pennant Hills Town Centre underway

Penannt Hills shops
Penannt Hills shops

A major focus of the Trust during 2016 involved working with Hornsby Shire Council to commence work on developing a Master Plan for the Pennant Hills Town Centre which will be used to guide development and renewal of our much loved but tired village hub. The first stage in this process is for Council to survey residents to get data on what we want in our town centre. It’s great news that during November, Council sent out their survey to all business owners and all property owners in the 2120 postcode area- around 6,000 surveys were distributed.

The Trust has had several discussions with Council staff and our local Councillors on this topic, and during July and August this year we sent our own survey to all our members seeking their views.

We were truly impressed with the number of responses we received to our survey and the depth of the various comments. There is a widely held view that we live in a wonderful part of Sydney, and that any new developments around the town centre need to balance additional housing and business growth with care for the environment and improvements in pedestrian accessibility and parking.

Some of the constant themes coming from our survey were

  • Pennant Hills needs a “heart” – either a mall or town square
  • Parking for both commuters and shoppers is inadequate. The master plan must seriously address this issue
  • Preserving/adding to the tree density around the Town Centre is a high priority
  • Providing walking trails/urban bike paths should be a focus of future developments.

When we met with Council Officers just before the survey was released we were pleased to see several of their survey questions were influenced by the input we received from our members in our survey.

We encourage members and potential members to log into our website or Facebook page where there is a very good report on the PHDCT survey.

In developing the Town Centre Master Plan, Council will be guided by the inputs they receive from us as residents and business owners. It’s important we all take the time to make our own inputs. We will only get a Town Centre which will make us proud when the Plan really reflects the preferences we demand from our Council.

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