A Colour Change For Your Business

Small Biz Matters – a half hour program each week where you can work ON your business rather than IN it.
with Alexi Boyd from Boyd Office Management Services

As Natasha says on her website:

The art of colour is a science, we are surrounded by colour in nature and culture. In nature, animals use colour as a form of protection and attraction. As humans, colour and culture have always been inextricably linked, particularly in architecture and textiles. Artists have explored this for centuries and it’s strongly linked to human emotion.

Its an aspect of our workspaces many of us don’t give thought to – colour. But in terms of keeping our space appealing, conducive to productive work and an ever-inspiring space I’m sure Natasha would argue its crucial.

Welcome to the show Natasha.

Topics we’ll be covering:

  • your Small Biz Journey and what led you to where you are today: the skills you brought with you from your former work life, your passions, where you see it going, the life of a true creative – the artist
  • the importance of using colour in your office space to brighten, bring change etc
  • simple strategies or ideas that you can do to improve your office space from a colour perspective
  • Colour & mental health. Is a change as good as a holiday?
  • if a business wanted to support a local emerging artist, how can they find them?

Natasha Kowalski was born in Sydney, Australia and is a printmaker, painter and fashion designer. Kowalski completed a Fine Arts degree and a Masters of Design Science with distinction at Sydney University, Australia.

Her current works are titled Oceans, and are inspired by her sensory experiences in the Northern Beaches of NSW, capturing the emotions and colours on canvas. They are abstract landscapes using liquid acrylic inks to create multiple layers in combination with intricate patterns. It’s a sensory experience and a visual journey.

Natasha teaches art classes and lectures on the psychology of colour in the local community as the networker for Home Instead – an in home senior care service, helping to enhance the life of seniors on the north shore and northern beaches. Discover how the choice of colours you surround yourself with can affect your mood, your behaviour, emotions and life balance. Increase harmony, decrease stress and improve your overall well being through use and awareness of colour in your homes, your wardrobe and your daily life.
To find out more about Natasha’s art, visit her website:  https://natashakowalski.com/pages/about-us

To find out more about Home Instead Senior Care visit: http://www.homeinstead.com.au

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