Learning From The Experts – What Can Small Businesses Learn From Executive Coaches?

Small Biz Matters – a half hour program each week where you can work ON your business rather than IN it. with Alexi Boyd from Boyd Office Management Services

As small businesses we are constantly learning, adapting and picking up strategies from the many experts we come across. Vicki Writer is one such expert, with years of experience coaching executives to improve  their performance and she’s here to impart her wisdom and knowledge for small businesses.

Frequently we are made aware of sustainability and the importance to us as small business owners but too often leave ourselves last. When we think of sustainability we think of financial, even environmental – but we need to remember our own ability to sustain ourselves. Family, partners, even employees are put well before us and without realising it we are jeopardising not only our own wellbeing & health but our ability to sustain a business. Because too frequently in small business at the end of the day we’re it. Without us there is no business.

So to tell us a little about sustainability from a wellbeing AND financial perspective (and how the two are intrinsically linked) we welcome to the show Vicki Writer from Dare to Achieve.

Welcome to the show Vicki.

Topics we’ll be covering:

  • Broadly your small business journey and what led you to start your own business in executive coaching and education
  • Tell us about your model the 360 approach.
    • The 360° Solution – ‘Fit for Life’ program can help you develop a compelling and achievable plan to move you from where you are now to where you want to be, building confidence through tools and strategies to help you live your life on purpose.

We are a global speaking, consulting and performance coaching business specialising in the development of human potential.

The 360 Solution was born as a result of wanting to share my unique insights and knowledge about how to get the best out of yourself, live a happy and fulfilling life, build wellbeing, resilience and achieve your potential.

Our signature program – The 360 Solution – Fit for Life program is an online digital ‘whole of life’ coaching program that looks at a persons life holistically and is based on 20 years of research into motivation and human behaviour over laid with a professional career in financial services spanning 25 years.

The program follows a seven stage process that helps you create a conscious, deliberate and achievable plan for your future across all aspects of your life. Each stage of the process has a distinct set of program modules and there is continuity from one module to the next.

  1. The Life Evaluation
  2. The Health and Lifestyle Risk Profile
  3. The Values Exploration
  4. The Vision Commitment
  5. The SMART Game-plan
  6. The Lifestyle Continuity Plan
  7. The Monitoring System

The online coaching program is available to individuals as well as businesses and has the flexibility to be white labelled and rolled out to your clients as a value added service.

In addition, the program is also being utilised by health and wellbeing professionals & employers to help build resilience, motivation,health and well being as well as improve engagement, culture and performance in the workplace.

You can preview the program by visiting our website http://tellyourlifewheretogo.com.au

We have created a range of additional online programs that can be used in isolation or used in conjunction with our Fit for Life program.

All of our programs can be found by visiting our online community www.tellyourlifewheretogo.com.au

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