Who are your Hornsby State election candidates?

Your Hornsby State Candidates are:
Emma Eros, Joseph Nicita, Katie Gompertz, Matt Kean, Mick Gallagher.

We asked them each five questions. Here are their answers

Name: Emma Eros
Age: 40 Years
Suburb you live in: Galston
Occupation: Licensed plumber, business owner Civil
Status: married with children

How long have you been involved in politics?
I’ve been interested in politics since a very young age and have been an active advocate for common sense policy change for several years.

What is different about this campaign?
Hornsby is a fast growing urban centre with an increasing number of families. Such rapid growth brings issues to the fore that need addressing. One Nation is a party of action. My approach to this campaign is to be solution focused and transparent to achieve results for my local community.

What are the 3 priorities for you in this campaign?
Overpopulation and Poor Infrastructure
Infrastructure is lagging way behind the dense number of approvals that are being handed out.

Free Hospital Parking For All- Not to be privatised
I strongly advocate for parking to be free at all times for hospital staff as well as for the first three hours for any visitor. There should also be a discount applied for families who are visiting long-term patients on a regular basis.

Underground Power Lines
I am deeply disappointed in Matt Kean’s broken promise to his electorate on the installation of underground power lines. It’s yet another promise that was never delivered. Overhead power lines are not only unsightly but are also incredibly dangerous. When they come down during storms the risk of electrocution and bushfires are greatly increased.

What are the concerns of your constituents?
I’m repeatedly told about the trouble that constant power outages cause, lack of infrastructure planning, traffic congestion and insufficient commuter parking. Constituents are also fed up with the youth drug problem facing Hornsby. Neglected residents who fell outside off the Sydney Water Waste Water Main and were left to fork out up to anywhere from $40k to $60k aren’t happy either.

In once sentence, what would you tell voters?
I’m here to represent change for the Hornsby residents who are fed up with the neglect of their concerns on a regular basis – and would like to see this community thriving, solutions found and implemented.


Name: Katie Gompertz
Age: 38
Suburb you live in: Berowra Heights
Occupation: Social Medical Community Manager and Travel Insurance Specialist
Civil Status: Married with 3 children: Harry 8, Isabelle, 6 and Charlie, 4

How long have you been involved in politics?
I have been a member of the ALP for 3 years but believe politics is in everything we do so I have been involved my whole life.

What is different about this campaign?
This is the most important State Election in my own lifetime. Over-development has reached catastrophic levels, we are losing our green space, species are being lost, our national icon, the Koala, is in danger of extinction on the eastern seaboard. Our schools are at or near capacity and are in dis-repair. Mental health funding is at a all time low and the Domestic Violence epidemic is all but ignored by the government in this area. The only infrasturcture project in the area has been delayed and is over-budget. We have a career politican representing us and acting in his own interests rather than the community. I want this campaign to focus on the community, what they want/need and to give them a real voice in NSW Parliament.

What are your 3 priorities for you in this campaign?
Education, (including saving TAFE) Environment and Infrastructure

What are the concerns of your constituents?
That we are taken for granted. This area has only ever been represented by concervatives and feel we have been left behind as a result. Making this seat marginal will mean politicians will have to FIGHT for every vote, in every election!

In once sentence, what would you tell voters?
Question EVERYTHING and push back against the status quo. Don’t fear politics, it affects us all!


Name: Mick Gallagher – Your True Fairdinkum Independent’
Suburb: The leafy suburb of Mt Colah
Occupation: Retired Naval Officer/Teacher
Family: Married, 2 adult children, 2 grandchildren

How long have you been involved in politics? My first election was the 1990 Federal election when I realized just how much successive Liberal and Labor governments have sold us short while still continuing to sell off Australia. We have been living under political party dictatorships for too long in what is suppose to be a democratic country.

What is different about this campaign? Voters now realize that the major parties have their own agendas and are not representing the voters in the interest of Australia. That is why it’s important to have a True Independent that will represent the electorate, and not a political gang with its own self interests.

What are your 3 priorities for you in this campaign?
1. Change the Double Tax on Fuel (fuel tax + GST) which has given us higher prices, not only fuel, but the flow on costs to goods and services.
2. Hold a state and national summit on Climate Change to plan for our future.
3. Against Privatisation and the selling off of the Australian citizens’ assets.

What are the concerns of your constituents?
1. Inadequate infrastructure.
2. Over development/ Over population of the Sydney region.
3. Destruction of our Bushland Shire.
4. Any others call/text Mick on 0418 112 675 or email mickgallagher4australia@gmail.com

In once sentence, what would you tell voters?
Vote 1 for a True Independent then number all the boxes on the ballot paper according to your own choice and put the major parties last.


Name: Matt Kean
Age: 37
Suburb you live in: Pennant Hills
Occupation: State Member for Hornsby
Civil Status: unmarried

How long have you been involved in politics?
Having lived in the area my entire life I have always taken an active interest in our community. I started a resident action group when I was 18 to fight against inappropriate development in the area and have been involved in a large number of community organisations. I ran for Parliament because I cared about our community and wanted to make it an even better place to live. Since being elected in 2011 I am proud to have done that by delivering the rebuild of Hornsby Hospital, the Northconnex tunnel to fix Pennant Hills Road, the remediation of the Hornsby Quarry and Westleigh water board site and turning them into public open space.

What is different about this campaign?
This campaign is all about ensuring that Hornsby continues to be the best place in NSW to live, work and raise a family. The Liberal Government has fixed the budget and turned around our economy. That’s not an end in itself, its how we deliver the infrastructure and services that our community missed out on under the previous labor Government. This campaign is a referendum on whether our community wants more money for infrastructure and services under a Liberal Government or whether we want to be forgotten again under Labor.

What are the 3 priorities for you in this campaign?
• Completing the rebuild of Hornsby Hospital, the Northconnex motorway and the remediation of the quarry and Westleigh waterboard site.
• Ensuring Hornsby families don’t just get by they get ahead
• Making sure we get our fair share in Hornsby

What are the concerns of your constituents?
When I talk to people across our community, the message is clear – many people are doing it tough. That’s why my focus is on building a stronger NSW budget and economy – so that Government can provide the support, the infrastructure, and the services, to take the pressure off them. In one sentence,

what would you tell voters?
I will continue to fight for our community and deliver results.


Name: Joe Nicita
Age: 23
Suburb: Beecroft
Occupation: Local Councillor/Childcare Worker

How long have you been involved in politics?
I’ve been involved in politics since about 2016; being inspired to stand up in light of the Stop Adani campaign and local issues like the protection of our Powerful Owls. After an exciting 2017 election campaign, I was elected to Hornsby Council and the rest is history!

What is different about this campaign?
To me, what makes this campaign different is that local government experience behind it. As one of the Hornsby Shire’s Local Councillors, I spend every day of my life on the ground, helping locals with the issues that matter to them. I see the adverse effects of poor development; of over development and I believe that’s an invaluable background for any prospective State representative to have.

What are your 3 priorities for you in this campaign?
My three main priorities are: 1) Tackling the effects of climate change 2) Advocating for pill testing 3) Getting planning powers back in the hands of our Local Councillors

What are the concerns of your constituents?
I’m hearing a lot of concerns from my constituents heading into this election; there’s frustrations over development and the way in which this State Government has handled planning. Frustrations over transport and inadequate social infrastructure. Frustrations over the lack of action on climate change and a lack of willingness to embrace renewable energy sources. Above all, the frustration that their voices aren’t being heard by this government, especially amongst the younger voters.

In once sentence, what would you tell voters?
Your voice and your vote matter; together we can make a better, brighter future.

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