Last month’s article I mentioned that Hornsby Council intends to “conduct an economic feasibility study to scope the scale of high rise development in Pennant Hills required to generate sufficient revenue to deliver the improvements in the town centre”

A well planned town centre is many things- a place to shop, to dine, to meet with friends, and to have convenient access to a full range of personal services (health, legal, financial, fitness, etc). But above all it is a place where we feel “at home”

The Trust wants to work with Hornsby Council to ensure the views of residents are put on the table and given high priority. After all it’s our community; and our daily routines are deeply enriched by our beautiful bushland environment. We all want to ensure we pass on the peaceful beauty we now enjoy in a world increasingly dominated by concrete.

The Trust is keen that any opinions it puts to Council represent the views of the majority of residents. We invite you, whether a Trust member or not, to put any views you have on the Town Centre Plan to us via our email ( or our Facebook page (

Over the next few months we’ll put out some thoughts to stimulate your thinking and motivate you to give us your opinions.

Our first comments are on the impact a redevelopment of Pennant Hills will have on local businesses. As seen in Beecroft, existing businesses will face an economic downturn during town centre reconstruction.

A lack of parking and available commercial space resulted in some businesses closing, and many other businesses struggling-particularly those that require a regular flow of customers or large amounts of space and parking nearby such as health professionals.

Businesses displaced by the redevelopment may find it difficult to find a replacement property for comparable rent after redevelopment. Some businesses rely on cheap rent to survive like the second hand book store and the Sri Lankan specialty store to name a few. These businesses will find it difficult to survive in a “Westfield” type environment with high rents.

We encourage you to continue to support local businesses during any redevelopment. More importantly you can make sure our Council incorporates opportunities for our well loved local businesses in any plans by making your preferences known to the Trust or the Council.
The PHD Civic Trust is a not for profit volunteer community organization to preserve and enhance the residential amenity of Pennant Hills and West Pennant Hills.

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