And now for some good news…


I sometimes get criticised for only reporting on negative items in my regular Enews bulletins.  So this month I’ll concentrate instead on some of the community based activities the Trust has recently supported.  There was Clean Up Australia in March, an activity the Trust has supported for many years. We also have held Spring and Autumn walks regularly for over 40 years.

Those readers living north of Beecroft may also be interested in the work of the Ray Park Heritage Group at Carlingford North which the Trust has supported. The area is now within Parramatta LGA, but if readers are looking for an outing with the family, I recommend visiting the new park off Plympton Road with its children’s playground and BBQ , and also the extensive regenerated bushland adjoining the open reserve. If you do walk into the adjoining bushland and follow the creek line down to Midson Road, there are a number of informative plaques providing extensive information about the history of the area.

Finally the Trust is again supporting the annual Picnic for Trees on Sunday 29th July at the Beecroft Village Green. It will commence about 11.30 am and go till about 1pm. The Trust is assisting other community groups in organising the third Picnic for Trees, where we will have a BBQ and plant planting ceremony. Groups involved include Byles Creek Union, Wildlife Australia, Rotary, the Beecroft Garden Club and the Scouts.  There will be another tree planting ceremony, as in previous years, with logistic support from Hornsby Council who are supplying advanced plants, mulch and the labour to prepare the holes for the plants. I find it rewarding that various community groups can combine resources and organise such an activity. It says a lot about our community spirit and the importance of people getting involved and actually participating.

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