Welcome to 2019

On behalf of the Pennant Hills District Civic Trust I’d like to wish everyone in Pennant Hills a happy and enriching New Year. It seems I was writing about the beginning of 2018 only a few months ago yet here we are beginning another year. As the saying goes time flies when you are having fun.

This year will be a busy one for us all. As individuals we will be busy with our community, our careers, and our family. We hope each will bring its own rewards. At a family level our children will be a little older and continuing on their individual path through their life with all the rewards and challenges that offers to parents.

As a community we will see the new metro train line opened during 2019, (no doubt having an impact on commuter parking around the Pennant Hills and Thornleigh stations). Further progress will be made on the NorthConnex tunnel with a projected opening during 2020 (perhaps returning local streets to local residents as promised in the early project plans. And of course, there will be many local small developments, some great, some not so good. The Trust will continue to represent community views on these matters to Hornsby Council and the State Government.

Thinking of Government, we will have more elections in the next 6 months than we might like, each side of politics trying to convince us they are the only “good guys” and the other side is little better than a disorganised rabble. Each of us will make our own decisions on the issues.

The Civic Trust is a strictly nonpolitical association which aims to work in collaboration with all our elected representatives. We have a very good relationship with Mayor Philip Ruddock and Hornsby Shire Council. Pennant Hills is mostly in Ward B with parts of our suburb south west of Boundary Road in Ward C. Our Ward B Councillors, Robert Browne, Joseph Nicita and Janelle McIntosh are strongly committed to improving our social, environmental and civic amenities. Councillors Emma Heyde and Vince del Gallego representing Ward C are also strong backers for Pennant Hills. We are grateful to Councillor Nathan Tilbury for joining us at our Pennant Hills place plan discussion meeting, even though he represents Ward A. This council is certainly working proactively for all residents of the Shire.

On the State level, we have found our representative MP Matt Kean always willing to meet with the Trust and listen to what we have to say. Of course, we don’t always get what we ask for but open respectful discussion is an essential part of any true democracy.

On the local level we have seen quite a few changes in our local shopping place. Andrew’ s Patisserie and Alice’s Pennant Hills Bakery have been forced to close, much to the disappointment of many residents who valued the services these two businesses provided. The success or otherwise of any business in Pennant Hills is a commercial issue which is not one which comes within the role of the Trust. However, we should all remember that our local shops, professionals and service industries can only be successful if they are supported by all of us. Perhaps thinking “I will buy from my local shops” could be one of our new year’s resolutions?

The Trust, through the activities of its volunteer committee, aims to represent community views to Government in an articulate, respectful yet firm manner. To do that we need our community to let us as a committee know what they want. We have communication channels open via our email secretary.phdct@ gmail.com, our website https:// pennanthillscivictrust.com/, our facebook page www.facebook.com/ PennantHillsTrust/, and of course through letters to The Monthly Chronicle. We welcome every input from our community. All members are welcome to attend any of our monthly committee meetings. Just drop an email to our email address and we’ll let you know meeting details.

If you would like to join as a Trust member and have your say at our meetings please click on the “become a member” image on our website home page and follow the prompts to join – we now accept credit card or PayPal payments, too.

Once again, our best wishes for a happy 2019! 

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