Nil Nisi Bonum

At Pennant Hills High School our school motto is Nil Nisi Bonum meaning Nothing but the best. It reflects what we aim to deliver to our school community. Our school has a fine reputation as a fantastic, comprehensive, coeducational government school. Our students work hard to excel academically. They also achieve outstanding results in the creative and performing arts, sport and in the areas of citizenship and leadership. The relationships with our families are paramount and underpin the very heart of our school community. We encourage all students to work hard and participate in the myriad of opportunities offered, in order to reap the rewards available at our school.

Our core values at Pennant Hills High School are responsibility, integrity and achievement.

Responsibility is about how students want to be perceived as a member of our school and wider community. We encourage effective contribution and rely on mutual respect.

Integrity is about students being true to themselves. It is about setting goals to achieve pride in one’s self and school.

Achievement is about working to attain a personal best in an academic sphere. Our expert teachers are passionate and committed to providing every student with the tools to achieve their goals.

At Pennant Hills High School we offer extensive curricular and co-curricular programs.

Our award winning Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) elective course is very popular and has been praised by Sydney University for its quality.

Our Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) Faculty excel through an outstanding Music Ensembles Program which is made up of two Concert Bands, two Jazz Bands, a String Ensemble and a Choir who all regularly perform in local concerts, Eisteddfods and shows such as The Schools Spectacular. Our Annual CAPA Festival is an amazing display of art works, photography and Drama performances, and draws widespread community acclaim. In Visual Arts we are proud to regularly have Year 12 Major Works selected for inclusion in ARTEXPRESS – the prestigious exhibition of HSC artworks. In addition, our school musicals bring together our local partner primary schools to form a cast of talented and enthusiastic students who thoroughly enjoy their performances and entertain audiences.

Our Industrial Arts Faculty regularly achieve a high standard of recognition with Year 12 Major Works being selected for inclusion in Intech.

Sport is a great strength at Pennant Hills High School with students gaining success in Swimming, Cross-Country and Athletics at the highest levels including National status.

I look forward to seeing prospective students and their families at our Open Day on Tuesday 5 March 2019. I am confident that you will see why Pennant Hills High School is renowned by all its students and the community as delivering Nothing but the Best.

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