Beecroft Cheltenham Civic Trust

The past month has been very busy for the Trust and September likely to be even busier with local government elections scheduled for the 9th.  We will be holding our traditional ‘Meet the Candidates’ night where all C Ward candidates will be invited to address the local Beecroft and Cheltenham residents who are still within the amended boundaries of Hornsby Council.   

With the recent council amalgamations the C Ward boundary in Hornsby Council has changed significantly back to what it’s been in the past and now includes Cherrybrook. This council amalgamation business has caused a problem for our Civic Trust because a significant number of Beecroft residents residing south of the M2 Motorway are now in the new Epping Ward within Parramatta City Council area. This has created a dilemma for the Trust as we don’t have the resources to  deal with two council elections and their respective candidates.

So the southern section of Beecroft under Parramatta is tending to get neglected. It’s a shame and frustrating for the Trust committee to see our community ties that have been so strong over the years, slowly being eroded. How this amalgamation exercise will finish up I don’t know but I sense Hornsby Council with its reduced area will struggle to remain financially sustainable over time.

On a brighter note the Trust celebrated National Tree Day with a Picnic for Trees on Beecroft Village Green. We were supported by other local groups including Byles Creek Valley Union, the Beecroft Garden Club and Beecroft Scouts. The emphasis was on trees and the environment, but with a family orientation. Guests included Dr Beth Mott from Birdlife Australia, Deb Fleet from Wildlife Australia, Graham Ross from Radio 2GB and the Garden Clinic and James Stanton-Cooke from BeardsOn for Conservation.  

Besides various children’s activities we planted 27 Lilly Pilly Cascades and a White Mahogany, which were supplied by Hornsby Council’s plant nursery. This was the third year this activity has been held in the Village Green and we hope to continue it as an annual event.

________________________________________________________________________Ross Walker is the President of the Beecroft Civic District Trust. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Trust. Email him at

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