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    Garage doors in Dural
    Garage doors in Dural
    Neil Turrell

    Making sense of which garage door to go for

    In the property market, a garage is held in high regard by would-be homeowners – almost as important as the size of the garden or the quality of the kitchen.

    Of course the garage is a multi-taking space, working hard as a place to store stuff, to secure valuable items, and to protect our cars. To achieve all these functions well, the most important part of the garage is the garage door. It’s this which dictates the look of the garage as well as the functionality and safety, as well as having an impact on the overall look of the house.

    If you’re looking for a garage door, there’s a wide choice on the market, catering to different purposes and needs, including:.

    Roller garage doors – roller garage doors are an ideal option for garages with space restrictions or houses with short or narrow driveways.The doors are made of narrow strips of aluminium that wrap around a drum positioned above the opening of the door. These garage doors don’t have any overhang, swing or reduction in width.

    Sectional doors – sectional garage doors are segmented into large subdivisions along the breadth of the door. The sections of the door open upward into the ceiling space of the garage. As the door stays within the frame, the size of the driveway won’t be affected by the garage door.

    Up and over garage doors – as the name implies, up and over garage doors are those doors that first swing towards the driveway and then move up. Once the door is completely open, it’s aligned to the ceiling of the garage. However, these doors need some space for their opening and swinging, so I would only recommend these doors for properties with long driveways and plenty of room.

    Swing hung garage doors – swing hung garage doors are similar to the traditional doors that are hinged to the opening of the door. These doors require a lot of space in front of the garage so that the door can be opened easily.

    Matching your house

    In terms of cost, use of timber pushes the price up so for many people it’s preferable to use an aluminium option which looks like timber – like Deco Wood Finish. It doesn’t warp in rain or weather in sunshine.

    Also with each of the door types listed here, there are dozens of material and colour options to suit every style, colour and age of home. Even a Federation bungalow can get a lookalike wooden door to match the house’s woodwork, which is actually metal. This metal option is often required by councils for houses in bushfire prone areas.

    When it comes to selecting your garage size, choose as large as possible as you never know what space you may require for storage or a larger vehicle in five to ten years’ time. ______________________________________________                                        Turrell Building Services has been designing and building on the North Shore and in the Hills District for over 20 years.

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