Cleaning up Beecroft with your help

Last year’s Clean up Australia Day in Beecroft
Last year’s Clean up Australia Day in Beecroft
Ross Walker, President

Clean Up Australia Day is always held on the first Sunday of March, the 4th, and this year is no exception. The Trust has again registered with the CUA organisation and will operate on the Sunday morning from the Beecroft Village Green, on Beecroft Road.  

The community of Beecroft and Cheltenham has been participating in this programme for many years and it has only been in the past ten years or so that the Trust has stepped up and registered on behalf of the community. The amount of rubbish we collect doesn’t diminish. The hot spots we target are areas where there’s a minimum degree of responsibility by residents, like the streets along the railway corridor and public car parks.

Glass and metal items can be recycled, but plastic pollution – from minute wrappers to plastic wrapping – is everywhere. And it’s not till you get involved in an activity like CUA that you become aware of the amount of rubbish in our environment. I recommend readers attend a CUA venue near them and get involved. Also many thanks to Hornsby Council, who are there working behind the scenes, supporting this programme and collecting the bags of rubbish collected.

There have been a number of Seniors Housing proposals in Beecroft and Cheltenham. These proposals are not the same as the large retirement villages where there are supporting services.  These proposals could be described as modified villas catering for residents over 55 years of age, but without the support services. There appears to be a strong demand for this type of housing with many local residents taking the opportunity to downsize into lower maintenance housing and remain in the suburb. The developers see it as an avenue for obtaining a higher development yield.

The concern the Trust has,  is the way the developers are always ‘pushing the envelope’ by continually seeking variations to the development standards, such as the height limit, in order to squeeze in another unit and maximise their profit margin. Often the quality of the finished product is compromised through diminished amenity and minimal landscaping.  As a consequence the Trust, together with nearby residents, is often objecting to these proposed developments. Last year Parramatta Council also received a Seniors Housing proposal in the part of Beecroft south of the M2. The proposed development has been refused by Parramatta Council. The applicant has lodged an appeal in the Land and Environment Court. It will be interesting to see the outcome of the appeal.  

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