Cleaning up Beecroft

Beecroft Guides doing their bit to clean up the area on Clean Up Australia Day 2018
Beecroft Guides doing their bit to clean up the area on Clean Up Australia Day 2018

2018 started busy and has continued to be busy for the Trust with plenty of items to share with the local community through our Enews.

The Trust lodged a number of objections to Senior Housing development applications in Beecroft at the start of the year. The number of developments in Beecroft and Cheltenham is becoming a concern. Good news though Hornsby Council tightened the tree and vegetation protection controls, effectively reinstating a similar level of protection in place five years ago.

Hornsby Council announce the members on the two new planning assessment panels, namely IHAP (Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel) and the SNPP (Sydney North Planning Panel) in February. It means that our elected Councillors are now prohibited from determining all development applications. In theory the new development approval process should work, but there’s been significant objection to the State Government implementation of the process from within the community and from many of our Hornsby Councillors. Beecroft and Cheltenham is well represented on the SNPP with two appointees, while we have one local resident on the IHAP. I’ll reserve my judgement till after it commences.

Clean Up Australia held on the first Sunday in March, was again well supported this year with over 25 volunteers participating. The Beecroft and Cheltenham community has participated in CUA for many years – this year from the Beecroft Guides.

The Trust held its AGM at the end of March and I’ve been re-elected as President for a second year. I find that a key element of success for any organisation is good communication. I’ve been developing stronger relationships with other community groups, such as Epping and Pennant Hills Civic Trusts. It’s so important that we’re all aware of common issues so we can work together. An excellent example is the recent announcement of a feasibility study for the route of the planned cycleway between Pennant Hills and Epping, an essential link in a broader network of cycleways from Hornsby down to the city and out to Parramatta.          

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