Girls show fabric better than plastic

A group of Year 8 school girls from Mount St Benedict College in Pennant Hills have brought the message to local shoppers about reusable bags – with some of their own handmade creations.

Around 200 Year 8 textiles students designed, sewed and adorned attractive shopping bags which they handed out free to delighted shoppers at Pennant Hills’ Market Place yesterday, to promote the habit of plastic bag-free shopping.
Alannah Elkhoury, 13, (left) and Charlotte Hall, 14 handed out the bags to budding shoppers Sandro Smedley, 5,(left) and Jessie Banks, 4.
“We’ve done a lot of work at school on the effects of the plastic bag on the marine environment,” said Charlotte. “They can look like a jellyfish to turtles who eat them and they they get caught around their windpipe. It’s a horrible way to die.”
The girls are also working on sustainable table lamps for their Design and Technology course.
Charlotte said: “This bag project has opened my eyes and made me realise there are jobs out there when we leave school where we can help save our environment.”
“It’s showed us that we can make a change to our own shopping habits and to other peoples’ as well,” added Alannah.

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