Ceiling fans take off

As our weather gets warmer, Australia has embraced the use of ceiling fans with open arms. For many families, they’re now seen as a necessity in every area of the home from bedrooms to living rooms and even outdoor entertaining areas.

Ceiling fans circulate air within a room and provide an instant cooling effect by moving air over the skin. What some people may not be aware of though, is that they can be used all year round: in winter they re-circulate warm air at ceiling height pushing it back down through the room.

Not only are they functional and an economical option to costly airconditioning, but they’re often used as a feature in a room, adding style and interest.

Some designs – particularly those in wood – transport you back to balmy days in tropical climes on foreign holidays.

There’s a huge variety of materials and finishes – from white polymer to bamboo, stainless steel, oil-rubbed bronze, black and antique brass – and come in a range of colours, sizes, blade shapes – do you want yours flat, curved or propeller-style?

Best of all, they’re whisper quiet so they’re perfect for getting a good night’s sleep in the summer heat.

Why ceiling fans are the go…

• super energyefficient method of cooling, saving money from running expensive airconditioning

• quiet way of cooling your home

• gentle movement of air whilst sleeping can be comforting

• very low power consumption, reducing your carbon footprint

• all-year round use – reversible in winter allowing warm air to be redistributed throughout the room, and again saving on heating bills

• attractive feature for your home.

Sharon Kirchner is a lighting expert from Paul’s Lighting on Pacific Highway in Mt Colah. Paul’s has been providing lighting solutions for homes in the area for four years. It also provides in-home consultations and has lighting designers on hand to help you work out the best design for your room or home. Tel: 9476 4996

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