Local student wins trip to NASA

Anthony with A-Watch and Smartphone App
Anthony with A-Watch and Smartphone App

Well done to Anthony Foong, age 11, from Beecroft Primary School, on winning Origin’s Little Big Ideas competition. Last month we reported Anthony had beaten 3000 other entrants and won a trip to Melbourne with 12 semi-finalists to workshop a prototype of his idea and present this to a panel of judges. We are pleased to report that he won! His prize is a trip to the NASA Kennedy Space Station in America in 2019.

Anthony developed an Epipen within a smart watch, which is also linked to a smartphone app. The idea came to him from two incidents. Firstly he has anaphylaxis which is triggered by his allergy to wheat, dairy, nuts and eggs. Secondly, he lost his grandfather to a cardiac arrest whilst he was alone and out walking. So his invention can assist both the incidents above and if developed commercially, could save thousands of lives.

The smart watch monitors the heart rate. When in cardiac arrest or an anaphylactic episode, the smart watch is triggered within certain parameters and delivers a dosage of a prescribed medication. At the same time, the A-watch which is linked to an app on the smart phone, sends notifications to the emergency contact set up on the phone and to the emergency services providing personal information and position co-ordinates. The idea is that the drug keeps the patient alive long enough for the emergency services to arrive.

Anthony is very keen to take his prototype to the next level and is looking for sponsors. If you can assist, please let us know so we can pass on your details. Go to our facebook page or website to see a video of Anthony discussing his invention.

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